What are the benefits of baby rocking chair for babies

Baby rocking chair on a variety of different sound effects of toys, baby hearing development, good language foundation, colorful toys, attract the baby's attention, promote vision development, baby rocking chair toys with different functions, strengthen the baby visual and thinking linkage, help learn to control muscles, physical development. What are the benefits of baby rocking chair for babies The baby rocking chair can adjust the height of the chair back and vibration mode to make the baby fall asleep sweetly. It can be adjusted to the rocking chair mode to further explain that mothers can easily coax the baby to sleep. The rocking chair is suitable for replacing the arms that the mother said. Proper rocking has the main baby's mental development. It is the baby's learning and memory in the process of playing, classifying information and understanding causality. Baby rocking chair provides improvisation for the baby, actively participate in and solve the problem of space, strengthen the baby's imagination and creativity, through some can let the baby grab toys, exercise the baby local muscle function, let the baby gradually have the perfect hand eye coordination ability. Newly designed multifunctional baby rocking chair, the bracket is nitrogen filling technology, sturdy and strong, with three-stage angle adjustment function, detachable toy bracket and stuffed toy, with vibration function and a variety of music options, accompanied by soft vibration and music, but the baby falls asleep quickly. The baby rocking chair uses high-tech fabric pads and cushions to protect your baby's skin and ergonomically cut it to make your baby sleep more comfortable. The baby's own movement can make the baby rocking chair swing up, There is no need to use batteries, the swing rhythm is completely set by the baby himself, and the baby can also enjoy the fun and comfort brought by the swing of the rocking chair.





Baby rocking chair useful?

The use of baby rocking chair 1, let the baby get satisfaction: Before birth, the fetus floats in the amniotic fluid of the mother's uterus, and the changes in the mother's position, such as rising and lying, are all a kind of shaking stimulation, which is constantly perceived by the fetus and sends strong signals to the brainstem vestibular system to promote brain development. When the fetus is born, the stimulation signal of receiving shaking suddenly disappears, causing the baby to feel uneasy, thus generating the need to be shaken again. By shaking the baby, satisfaction can be obtained. The usefulness of the baby rocking chair 2, can prevent growing up carsickness seasickness: Some babies are born timid and need to be cultivated the day after tomorrow. The mother should not be anxious, slowly encourage the baby to try new things. After a few times, the baby will like the feeling of being shaken. The brain development of the baby who is often shaken in infancy is gratifying. At the same time, it can prevent motion sickness and seasickness after growing up. The usefulness of the baby rocking chair 3, to appease the crying child: It is well known that children like to cry, and it can be quiet by shaking it in a rocking chair, which can help parents reduce a lot of troubles. The use of baby rocking chair 4, promote brain development: The latest research shows that babies who often accept shaking have a gratifying rate of brain development. In just one year, the weight of the brain has doubled from about 400 grams to about 800 grams. And the added part is precisely the essence of the brain-the neocortex of the brain, which lays a solid biological foundation for the development of the child's IQ.





How to distinguish the stuffing inside the plush toy?

1. black heart cotton features: 1, stay white and dull. 2, feel no elastic. 3, not smooth, easy adhesion clothing. 4. Both hands are torn and the fiber is broken neatly, and the fiber strength is extremely low. 5, chemical bleaching treatment has peculiar smell. Bleached "black cotton" is extremely harmful to human body. It not only destroys the waxy layer of the cotton fiber epidermis, but also absorbs a large amount of chemicals in the fiber cavity and cell wall. Direct contact with the human body will cause itching, allergy, dyspnea and other symptoms. Long-term use will make people sick. 00035.jpg 2. black heart cotton to identify methods: 1, the eye view. Generally speaking, "black cotton" looks less smooth and somewhat rough, while high-quality cotton is white in color. 2, feel. Normal cotton feels softer, has a certain degree of elasticity, and feels good, while "black cotton" looks impurities and feels rough. 3, tear. By tearing, consumers can feel the strength of cotton. Generally speaking, "black cotton" will break as soon as it is torn. 4. Taste. If the use of chemical fiber cotton tire, raw materials should be produced by chemical fiber factory, rather than rotten cloth, industrial waste into chemical fiber. Normal chemical fibers are generally uniform in color, have a certain length, do not have too much dust, good elasticity, no peculiar smell, otherwise it is a fake and inferior product. 5, the color. If the color of cotton wool is mixed, even containing yarn and rags, it is likely to be an inferior product produced by secondary processing of industrial waste. 6, burning. "Black heart cotton" in the processing to go through the bleaching process, fine smell will have a faint sour taste. High-quality cotton has no pungent smell when it burns, while "black cotton" has an obvious pungent smell.





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