Baby rocking chair useful?



The use of baby rocking chair 1, let the baby get satisfaction:
Before birth, the fetus floats in the amniotic fluid of the mother's uterus, and the changes in the mother's position, such as rising and lying, are all a kind of shaking stimulation, which is constantly perceived by the fetus and sends strong signals to the brainstem vestibular system to promote brain development. When the fetus is born, the stimulation signal of receiving shaking suddenly disappears, causing the baby to feel uneasy, thus generating the need to be shaken again. By shaking the baby, satisfaction can be obtained.
The usefulness of the baby rocking chair 2, can prevent growing up carsickness seasickness:
Some babies are born timid and need to be cultivated the day after tomorrow. The mother should not be anxious, slowly encourage the baby to try new things. After a few times, the baby will like the feeling of being shaken. The brain development of the baby who is often shaken in infancy is gratifying. At the same time, it can prevent motion sickness and seasickness after growing up.
The usefulness of the baby rocking chair 3, to appease the crying child:
It is well known that children like to cry, and it can be quiet by shaking it in a rocking chair, which can help parents reduce a lot of troubles.
The use of baby rocking chair 4, promote brain development:
The latest research shows that babies who often accept shaking have a gratifying rate of brain development. In just one year, the weight of the brain has doubled from about 400 grams to about 800 grams. And the added part is precisely the essence of the brain-the neocortex of the brain, which lays a solid biological foundation for the development of the child's IQ.