How to distinguish the stuffing inside the plush toy?



1. black heart cotton features:

1, stay white and dull.

2, feel no elastic.

3, not smooth, easy adhesion clothing.

4. Both hands are torn and the fiber is broken neatly, and the fiber strength is extremely low.

5, chemical bleaching treatment has peculiar smell. Bleached "black cotton" is extremely harmful to human body. It not only destroys the waxy layer of the cotton fiber epidermis, but also absorbs a large amount of chemicals in the fiber cavity and cell wall. Direct contact with the human body will cause itching, allergy, dyspnea and other symptoms. Long-term use will make people sick.

2. black heart cotton to identify methods:

1, the eye view. Generally speaking, "black cotton" looks less smooth and somewhat rough, while high-quality cotton is white in color.

2, feel. Normal cotton feels softer, has a certain degree of elasticity, and feels good, while "black cotton" looks impurities and feels rough.

3, tear. By tearing, consumers can feel the strength of cotton. Generally speaking, "black cotton" will break as soon as it is torn.

4. Taste. If the use of chemical fiber cotton tire, raw materials should be produced by chemical fiber factory, rather than rotten cloth, industrial waste into chemical fiber. Normal chemical fibers are generally uniform in color, have a certain length, do not have too much dust, good elasticity, no peculiar smell, otherwise it is a fake and inferior product.

5, the color. If the color of cotton wool is mixed, even containing yarn and rags, it is likely to be an inferior product produced by secondary processing of industrial waste.

6, burning. "Black heart cotton" in the processing to go through the bleaching process, fine smell will have a faint sour taste. There is no pungent smell when high-quality cotton burns, while "black cotton" has a clear pungent smell.