Benefits of rocking horse for baby


But rocking horses have many benefits for infants and young children:

Bone Development: We all know that adults have 206 bones, while a newborn baby has 305 bones, so it is usually said that after 3 months, the baby should start to try to let him exercise more, so as to promote the development of the baby's motor function. Due to the limitation of space and props, the choice of baby's motor tools is hindered, and a single crawling and stretching is not enough to improve the development of the baby's motor function, and the value of the rocking horse lies in this. By allowing the baby to mount a rocking horse, it can effectively help the baby to move all the bones, so that the baby's muscle tissue gets a balanced growth and development, thereby enhancing the development of the baby's motor function, and the baby's bone structure when he grows up is very reasonable and tangible. We will find that the overall bone structure (body) of many adult friends around us is not in place or even seriously distorted. In fact, it has an absolute relationship with childhood.

Coordination and balance: the time when the baby starts to stand and walk is mainly related to the baby's natural physical quality and the later motor function. The former is not much to say, because it involves the mother's physical quality and other reasons, the later motor function development is directly related to the baby's movement. You will find that there are many babies who can stand and walk, but the "lower plate" is unstable, which is related to the baby's bone development and body balance and coordination. The rocking horse can effectively help the baby to improve the balance and coordination of the body. Through the baby's mount rocking horse, let it shake back and forth freely, which can directly and effectively help him improve the awareness and ability of balance and coordination. Some mothers dote on their babies too much and dare not let them do some exercise, which may hurt their babies. In fact, it is not good for their healthy growth.

Thinking power: we all know that the baby has great curiosity and desire to explore everything, and begins to feel anything from his side with vision and touch. At this time, if the baby is trained and trained effectively, it will be of great help to the baby's thinking and brain power in the future. The rocking horse can do this very well. The baby is innate to animals. By playing with the rocking horse, the baby will "communicate" with the rocking horse subconsciously. This kind of communication is not the language communication we understand, but comes from the central nervous system of the brain. At the same time, when the baby is happy, it can stimulate the development and maturity of facial muscles and central nervous system.

To sum up, rocking horse is a kind of toy that can promote the development of baby's sense system ability. Here, I would like to emphasize one point: sense system disorder is not a real disease. Children with imbalanced sense system have normal intelligence, but the coordination of children's brain and body parts is hindered, which makes many excellent aspects unable to show up. Usually, children can easily correct the phenomenon of sensory system disorder through training before the age of 12. Once they are over 12 years old, they will be stereotyped and cannot be changed. This is why some children are very smart when they are young, but they are very ordinary when they grow up. Therefore, with the help of some small props such as rocking horse, the baby can be given correct and more convenient play and training to assist the baby to improve the sensory integration ability and reduce the above symptoms.

The rocking horse of the rocking horse-not only a toy, but also a tool for intellectual development.